S.O.S Oil Analysis

S.O.S Oil Analysis

Surmac offers you the Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S.) With this form of preventive maintenance you are kept abreast of both the condition of your engine and the used oil. In this way, high costs may be avoided.

The S.O.S. is based on regular lab tests of oil samples. At certain intervals, you take a sample of the oil of your engine and send it to the S.O.S. lab.

The advantages of S.O.S.

  • You have continued insight into the condition of your engine and oil
  • You prevent damage to your machine at marginal cost
  • You prevent unplanned stagnation
  • You help extend the life span of your machine considerably
  • You retain optimal product value
  • Your machine has optimal fuel consumption
  • Your machine has optimal return
  • Your machine produces a minimum emission of CO2 and NO
  • You receive a report with a proper machine history guaranteeing the value after depreciation of your machine

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