Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection

When being serviced or during a technical inspection (TA inspection) your machine is inspected up to 152 points for parts or systems that are subject to wear and tear or may malfunction in the short term.

The number of inspection points varies depending on the type of machine and the choice for small or major maintenance. Our inspector works through a fixed schedule that lists all the technical points to be inspected on your CAT machine. The operation of every component, system, coupling, connection and device is inspected.

To measure is to know
Everything that can be measured is measured: pressures, rotational speeds, densities, diameters, current intensities. The acquired values are compared to the specifications of the operating hours and acceptable work conditions. All “wet” systems are checked for leaks and the condition of the fuels is inspected. All spots susceptible to wear and tear are checked for backlash. Adjustments of overpressure and other safeguards are carefully examined. Truly every system and component is subjected to a thorough inspection.

Duration of inspection and report
The inspection lasts six to eight working hours depending on model and type of machine. Naturally, you will receive a detailed report.

Would you first like to know if your machine is in need of an inspection? 
Our advisor will visit you free of charge to get a first impression and to make further appointments with you on the basis of his findings.