Undercarriage Inspection

Undercarriage Inspection

Surmac has all track drive and undercarriage components. A proper track drive is half the battle. Going cheap on the track drive may cost your dearly. Fact: upon purchase, the track drive makes up about 10% of the price but during its life span about 50% of all costs are spent on the track drive. It is the largest and regularly occurring expenditure on a machine with track drive and, therefore, one on which a great deal of expense can be saved. The longer the track drive lasts, the lower the costs will be.

Would you like to know what this could mean for you?
We have track drive specialists and advanced equipment to make the correct diagnosis on all your track drive components. In addition, we have a separate work bench for caterpillars.

The advantages of Caterpillar track drives

  • More than 85 years experience and world market leadership ensure top quality
  • Innovation technology is responsible for the longest life span on the market
  • Important contribution to the reduction of operational costs per hour, 20% to 70% real savings on total track drive costs feasible
  • Track drives for any type of work, from light to heavy
  • Up to 50% deep hardened metal/metallic contact surfaces
  • Hardened metal 52 to 55 Rc points harder
  • Equal wearing surface hardening, so equal wear tempo, so less unused hours

The advantages of the Surmac service for track drives

  • Advanced CTS diagnosis on the entire track drive system
  • Recommendations for maintenance or replacement based on reliable facts
  • Honest product information
  • Delivery of parts mostly within 24 hours
  • Very affordable, reusable sealants of superior quality
  • Large national organization so immediate action in case of calamities
  • Highly efficient workplace for repairs
  • Interchangeability with components of other brands possible
  • Competitive prices