Surmac The Cat Rental Store

SURMAC offers you the possibility to rent Cat machines. You will find equipment for every application in our machine fleet. Rent from us on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You determine the duration and you are not obliged to deploy an operator from us.

Why rent?

Seven reasons for choosing Surmac Rental

No purchase costs

Buying a Cat machine is a costly investment. Renting does not require this financial effort.

Fulfills the need for projects and operations, among other things

Renting provides a temporary solution for expiring projects. By renting our equipment, you reduce the operational costs and you earn back your invested resources faster.


Our professional staff is always ready for you. If your work changes and you need other equipment, we are here to be of service.

Fixed costs / charges

The hiring of equipment has the advantage that you know in advance what the fixed costs and costs of the machine are.


Surmac has professional staff to assist you not only with choosing the right machine choice, but also with any technical issues that have arisen; you will be advised and assisted.


Cat equipment is known as the best in the heavy equipment sector. You rent high-quality equipment from us and you are assured of no to very short downtime.


Our machines are equipped with the latest technological gadgets that enable you to increase productivity while reducing your costs.

At Surmac Rent, there are daily, weekly, monthly and annual rates. Surmac Rent facilitates short and long-term rental facilities.

For more informatie:
Tel: +597 404111
Fax: +597 402751