JLG aerial work platform (AWP) operator safety

Participants will learn safety precautions, user responsibilities, machine preparation and inspection, machine operation, towing, emergency procedures, machine specifications and operator maintenance, the inspection and repair log. They will learn the purpose and use of manuals, Pre-Inspection, responsibilities concerning problems or malfunctions, factors affecting stability, place cards and decals, work place inspection, become aware of OSH Safety Rules and Regulations, proper authorization to operate, operator warnings and instructions, and conduct actual operation of the AWP.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify machine and jobsite safety requirements
  • Perform a machine walk around inspection
  • Locate, identify, and describe major engine and machine components
  • Identify operator controls, gauges, indicators and monitoring system functions
  • Perform pre- operational start-up and shutdown¬† procedures
  • Efficiently operate an Aerial Work Platform at the entry level



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